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Your family, pets, and landscape are constantly under attack by outdoor pests. Let Alliance TSP protect your loved ones and allow you to enjoy your yard again without worry!

Mosquito Reduction Program: Alliance TSP offers a 21 day and monthly application options for mosquito control. We apply a variety of control products with a mist blower to ensure maximum coverage and minimize the chance of resistance. A thorough landscape analysis is performed to determine possible breeding sites which are treated with larvacide tablets. Extreme care is used during applications to minimize drift and avoid contact with pollinators!

Fire ant, flea, and tick control: Alliance TSP applies product to ensure season long control of these problem pests.

Grubs and other lawn insects: Grubs and lawn insects generally infest turf areas during different times of the growing season. These pests can be treated with contact insecticides when they are active.

Turf Fungicide Program: Alliance TSP recommends a 4 application fungicide program to control and prevent fungus activity in warm and cool season grasses.