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How to Reduce Worm Castings In Your Lawn

Question: I’m having a bad problem with worm castings in my lawn. The turf is turning a lumpy, muddy mess. What can I do? Of the more than 200 species of earthworms in North America, the common night crawler (Lumbricus terrestris) is most likely to be causing your problem. They are a dominant species in […]

Aerification: Restoring Turfgrass Carbohydrate Reserves

Dr. Clint Waltz, Extension Turfgrass Specialist with the University of Georgia, reports that hot temperatures and low rainfall in the fall of 2016 likely sent warm-season turfgrasses into winter dormancy with depleted carbohydrate reserves. During “normal” circumstances warm-season turfgrasses accumulate and store carbohydrates from late summer through early fall. 

Mosquito Control Treatments From Lawn Care and Pest Control Companies Are a Must to Help Halt the Spread of the Zika Virus

To date, there have been recorded cases of the Zika virus in all states except Alaska and Wyoming. While most cases are travel related, there have been 43 natively contracted cases reported in Florida. If the migration of infected Aedes species mosquitoes is not halted, that number is likely to increase, if not this season, […]

Sustainability in the Landscape

Sustainability is arguably, one of the hottest buzz words being used today. By Wikipedia’s definition, sustainability is “the ability of an ecosystem to maintain ecological processes, functions, biodiversity and productivity into the future.” In the vernacular of the peasantry it means: do we have the ability to replenish our natural resources quicker than we use […]

Managing the Growing Cost of Water

Water is critical to a healthy landscape but too much or ineffective distribution can be detrimental to plant material and turf or just be a waste of money and one of our most precious natural resources. Irrigation systems are a way to supplement natural rainfall but are not meant to completely take its place. With […]

Landscaping In The “Dog Days”

It’s the time of year when you’re just about to give up on the yard. The heat is so oppressive that not only can you not stand to be outside but, your plants and grass can’t stand it either. The only thing that seems to thrive now is the weeds!